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Cheer News 

SRPW Cheer had another great Season! Our JV team is still going, they earned a spot to compete in Nationals in Florida Friday 12/9. 

Led by Head Coach Dawn Schofield the team got 2nd place in their regional competition In Arizona and 2nd at our Local comp in SD. This is the 3rd year in a row our oldest team has made it to Nationals. Please help us congratulate the girls and their coaches for an awesome job and a great way to end their season. 

Our JPW team led by Head Coach Kristeen Evans also made it from Locals to Regionals this year, a mighty team of 6 girls rocked it and placed 1st in the San Diego competition and 5th in the Regional Comp in Arizona.   

Our Flag team led by Anna Hernandez had a fun season and did a great job at their performance at our local Competition 

We are very proud of all of our teams, they worked hard starting August 1 conditioning, attending camp, learning cheers and competing. They have represented Scripps Ranch well and we are proud of their achievements. Even though they practiced a lot, they still had a ton of fun! They built new friendships, confidence and got stronger. 

We will begin registration again next May! 

Thank you

Cindy Stoney

Cheer Director


Palomar Divisional Championships :  11/19

Unfortunately our JPW and PW teams lost this weekend and their seasons come to a close. JV was looking to follow them out being 10 points down with only 3:47 to go in the final quarter again Ramona. However....JV would not be denied! After a stunning final few minutes of football, our JV team scored twice, and held Ramona to win the game 30 to 24. It was a memorable finish to say the least!

As a result JV will play in the D2 championship game this weekend. Game details below. 

Date Time Home Away Location
11/19 18:00 #1 Mur Whitehawks #2 SR Falcons Rancho Bernardo HS


It would be great to get as many fans as possible to the game to support our JV team, since the game is close by. Note there will be a $5 entry charge for all adults (non staff members)

Regional Cheer Competition : 11/19

Our 2 competitive Cheer teams will be competing in Phoenix in the Wescon regional cheer competition. 

JPW performance time : 9:40am 

JV performance time : 3:04pm

 Location : Arizona Veterans Memorial Colesium


Note there will be a $25 entry charge for all adults (non staff members)



Week 7       Sunset 6:13 Saturday, October 15, 2016            
Time Home   Unlimited   Visitor Location            
18:00 Mur Nighthawks 44 vs 40 TP Falcons Los Alamos Hills Sports Park Fld 2            
17:00 Esc Storming Wolves 2 vs 52 SD Point Loma Orange Glen HS            
14:00 Oside Battling Pirates  20 vs 6 SM Knights MLK MS            
  Home   Jr. Varsity   Visitor              
18:00 LCC Mavericks  30 vs 16 PQ Marauders La Costa Cyn HS            
16:00 LCC Charginging Mavericks  6 vs 12 Cbad Lancers  La Costa Cyn HS            
11:00 Vista Panthers  40 vs 8 Oside Lightninging Pirates Vista Magnet MS            
15:00 Esc Alpha Wolves  8 vs 20 RB Broncos  Orange Glen HS            
19:00 Tem Grizzlies  13 vs 42 SM Dukes  Great Oak HS            
14:00 Mur Whitehawks  28 vs 6 Ram Guard Dawgs  Los Alamos Hills Sports Park Fld 2            
17:00 Fall Warrior  0 vs 1 SR Falcons Fallbrook HS            
13:00 TP  Falcons # 0 vs 38 Vista Fighting Panthers Torrey Pines HS            
  Mur Bravehawks       Bye               
16:00 Mur Redhawks 32 vs 28 Pow Titans Los Alamos Hills Sports Park Fld 2            
  Home   Pee Wee   Visitor              
10:00 LCC Mavericks  39 vs 0 Esc Sabrewolves La Costa Cyn HS            
12:00 LCC Fighting Mavericks  12 vs 14 SM Griffins La Costa Cyn HS            
12:00 Oside Booming Pirates  18 vs 34 Ram Dawg Pack  MLK MS            
11:00 TP Falcons 8 vs 16 SR Falcons Torrey Pines HS            
12:00 Mur Hawks 13 vs 39 Tem Battling Bruins Los Alamos Hills Sports Park Fld 2            
11:00 VC Jaguars 28 vs 18 Vista Longhorns Valley Center HS            
13:00 Cbad Purple Lancers  0 vs 28 Pow Raiders Sage Creek HS            
13:00 Esc Savage Wolves 7 vs 30 Oside Charging Pirates  Orange Glen HS            
19:00 RB Broncos  18 vs 0 Tem Golden Bruins Rancho Bernardo HS    4-9            
15:00 Fall Warrior  14 vs 6 PQ Bandits  Fallbrook HS            
  Home   Jr. Pee Wee   Visitor              
14:00 LCC Mavericks  14 vs 12 SM Cavaliers  La Costa Cyn HS            
15:00 Tem Golden Kodiaks 26 vs 6 Vista Panthers  Great Oak HS            
11:00 Tem Attacking Kodiaks 6 vs 0 Ram Dawg Pound Great Oak HS            
10:00 Oside Storming Pirates 6 vs 12 Tem Fighting Kodiaks MLK MS            
13:00 Fall Warriors 6 vs 18 Oside Mighty Pirates Fallbrook HS            
11:00 Cbad Fighting Lancers  12 vs 6 Pow Titans Sage Creek HS            
13:00 Tem Battling Kodiaks 12 vs 25 SR Falcons  Great Oak HS            
10:00 Mur Warhawks 6 vs 18 PQ Stallions Los Alamos Hills Sports Park Fld 2            
11:00 Esc Fighting Wolves  36 vs 0 RB Broncos Orange Glen HS            
9:00 Cbad Charging Lancers  30 vs 6 Ram Fighting Dawgs Sage Creek HS            
9:00 TP  Falcons  12 vs 25 Mur Blackhawks  Torrey Pines HS            
  Home   Mighty Mite   Visitor              
8:00 LCC Mavericks  32 vs 6 Ram Mighty Dawgs  La Costa Cyn HS            
9:00 Esc Werewolves 22 vs 8 TP  Falcons  Orange Glen HS            
17:00 Tem Mighty Bears 31 vs 0 SM Saints  Great Oak HS            
11:00 Fall Warrior  0 vs 39 Tem Golden Bears Fallbrook HS            
9:00 VC Mighty Jaguars 18 vs 6 Oside Fighting Pirates Valley Center HS            
9:00 Vista Jr. Panthers 6 vs 19 SR Falcons Vista Magnet MS            
8:00 Mur Thunderhawks  14 vs 34 Pow Titans Los Alamos Hills Sports Park Fld 2            
      Jr Mighty Mite                  
8:00 Oside Wild Pirates 7 vs 32 Poway Titans  MLK MS            
  Esc Mighty Wolves       Bye              
17:00 RB Broncos 6 vs 20 Mur Ballhawks Rancho Bernardo HS               
9:00 Fall Warriors  6 vs 30 Tem Battlinging Bears Fallbrook HS            
9:30 Fall Warrior  W vs L Oside Roaring Pirates Fallbrook Ivy fld            
11:00 Ram Smash Dawgs  L vs W VC Jr. Jaguars  Fallbrook Ivy fld            
12:30 Esc Wild Wolves W vs L Vista Little Panthers Fallbrook Ivy fld            
9:30 LCC Mavericks L vs W Esc Big Bad Wolves LCCHS grass            
11:00 Pow Titans  L vs W SM Dragons  LCCHS grass            
12:30 SR Falcons  L vs W Oside Little Pirates  LCCHS grass            
14:00 Cbad Lightning Lancers  W vs L PQ Sundevils  LCCHS grass            
9:30 Tem Attacking Cubs W vs L Mur Lightninghawks  Birdsall S.P. - Turf            
11:00 Tem Battling Cubs  L vs W SM Jesters Birdsall S.P. - Turf            
14:00 Tem Fighting Cubs W vs L Mur Fightinghawks  Birdsall S.P. - Turf            
12:30 Tem Golden Cubs L vs W RB Broncos  Birdsall S.P. - Turf            
  Ram Mad Dawgs